As mentioned earlier, I will post powershell and automation related stuff here. I’ve already started thinking about the following posts.

Hosting a jekyll blog with incompatible plugins on

While I created this blog I noticed that there are several plugins for jekyll which caused build errors on github. Yes you can build the site manually with bundle exec jekyll build but this would be a manual step. So why not using AppVeyor for the build itself and the pushing back the final static site?

How to implement Piwik on your jekyll blog

This would be a simple showcase about how to add custom variables and using them in the piwik tracker script.


I love working with Phrabricator whenever I can’t use github. But If you need to work with the API called Conduit there are some pitfalls for windows user. If you don’t want to install the full cli called arcanist there weren’t any simple alternatives. That’s why I wrote a little Powershell based client. I would like to show you the basic features in this article.


An other project of mine is PSCoverage. It uses Pester and generates a coverage report of a given module and sends it to

How to learn Powershell

This post is about how to learn powershell in an effective way. Basically this should help with a collection of good resources.