Why do you run this Blog?

I spend most of my current working life with PowerShell based automation. Steadly I became the in-house expert for PowerShell related questions. That’s why I created a style guide, tutorials and implemented review workflows.

Furthermore I like teaching and sharing my PowerShell knowledge. Finally I decided to start this blog to reflect my progress and thoughts.

So your are located in Germany - Why do you write in English?

I really thought a lot about this, while I was developing the blog idea. Let me try to explain my decision:

  • Well, like most of IT related people I’m used to reading English on a daily basis. But because English isn’t my native language, I often feel unconfident when it comes to writing. That’s not because of the vocabulary. It’s rather because of the grammar and phrases of an language I’m not using every day.
  • Additionally I don’t want to limit the potential reader(s) of this blog to german speaking people.
  • And finally I always recommend writing PowerShell scripts completely in English (variable names, comments, functions names, file names, documentation) So why should I make an exception with this PowerShell related blog?